Our single person paddleboard range is a combination of top of the line BicSUP Cross hardboards and world leading Red Paddle Co inflatable equipment . All our boards provide an ultra-stable platform equally suited for first-timers, family fun, fitness, yoga, fishing or whatever you really want do on them. 

We have carbon fibre paddles that provide just the right amount of flex to give you a great day out without the discomfort of fatigue.  All our paddles are also adjustable so the perfect height can be dialled in - for every person. 

....And JUMBO, The Giant Inflatable Paddleboard.  This thing can easily hold 6-8 Adults or around 10-12x Kids all at once! It is 17 feet long and 6.5 feet wide and a whole lot of FUN.

Being inflatable it is a soft platform and great for families, parties and groups to get out on the water and enjoy it together!! 


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